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Written by on April 3, 2020

As mentioned in our previous post, early 2020 we started collaborating with the guys from the PsyTales Radio Show.

It was backstage during Ajja‘s set at Time Traveller by Psychedelic Rave a mutual friend (DJ Darzid) introduced to one of the shows hosts Donatas, aka (DJ Aries). Donatas told us the station, which up until recently used broadcasted their show, had abruptly stopped and that he and his co-host Oskar (aka xTal) were looking for a new station to host their show.

We told him we still had open slots on the station but, although his enormous enthusiasm, that it probably wasn’t the right time and/or place to talk these thing over and that we would contact him later that week.

When we contacted Donatas that week we suggested that he and the guys should drop by the studio that weekend for a bite and a drink, while spinning some music, in order to get to know each other a bit more.

Sunday afternoon Donatas and Darzid came over for some socializing and to explain to us the concept of their show.

The concept of the PsyTales Radio Show is simple: every other week one or the other host invites a guest Psytrance DJ, an Episode starts with the (pre-recorded) set of guest DJ, followed by a set of either DJ Aries or xTal to end the episode.

We explained the concept of Psychedelic.FM-network and how each of us have their own part in running and growing the station, as well as how they could have their own part in it.

We decided to do a ‘Pilot Episode’. Since it was the beginning of December, we agreed to do the 1st Episode in January 2020.

And so it was: Januari 10th 2020, PsyTales Radio Show hosted their first Episode broadcasted on Psychedelic.FM with the Guest being the Belgium Psytrance Artist “D-ther” and they have their weekly show ever since.

Be sure to tune in to the PsyTales Radio Show every Friday at 20h00 (CET) on Psychedelic.FM!


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