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ARIES (born in Lithuania) started his musical journey in 2016. After 9 years visiting Psychedelic Music Parties and Festivals, his visit to Ozora and the amazing experiences he had there, pushed him to an old dream of his.

Founder & Owner Triptolemus  loves playing melodic and edgy sets. Dark, Psychedelic and Raw is what he likes best. Favorite Styles: Forest/Dark Forest/Dark/Psychedelic

Kalanarmada is a project by Sjoerd Banga. He mostly plays psychedelic hypnotic darkish set's with powerful baselines that will let you dance in psychedelia

Hi, I am Lydia Nexus, currently based in Germany close to the border to the Netherlands. I started DJing in 2018 and was first interested in Deep, Tech and Progressive House. I also started performing on Chillout stages and for Ecstatic Dance where I enjoyed taking my audience on a journey.

SPISER started DJ’ing by coincidence. First time he played a set was in 2018 at small “Summer opening festival”. The festival was full of Techno DJ’s and no one was preparing to play Psytrance, so he asked friend “Can I play PSY?” He laughed and asked: “Do you know how to play?”True thing actually not [read more]

ThD is a Greek DJ who settled in The Netherlands. A heavy metal and punk affectionate in the old days, all that has changed after he first heard Psytrance.

Vostok1 is the co-founder of the 'Sandbox Music Room' in St. Petersburg.

HyperLook is one of the more experienced members of the Team. Psychedelic.FM Resident DJ since 2019 -to be updated soon!

Psy Belle has been a fan and team member since day one. Moderating our social channels, promoting Psytrance and always building our network.


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