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“Spinning the decks since 2007, when I started using the ‘amazing’ Pioneer CDJ-100s and a crappy Numark mixer! I have to be careful because if I am at it, I’m going to write endless stories and that’s not what I intent to do here.So what you need to know is that I like to create an atmosphere, like a dream to dissolve into. Usually I play between 145 to max 160 BPM, mostly stuff with darker edge and a goa touch to it, but it depends on the time played, the event itself, inside or outside and also the person who shall perform before and after me, because those people play an important role in my vision, because we all work together to create an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

I have many more sets on my YouTube channel and also on Mixcloud, so if you like it and want to hear something, follow the links or check instagram if you want to see photos, that’s cool today, right?

Ok thank you for your time.

with love,

Shivanki XxX”


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