SPISER started DJ’ing by coincidence.

First time he played a set was in 2018 at small “Summer opening festival”. The festival was full of Techno DJ’s and no one was preparing to play Psytrance, so he asked friend “Can I play PSY?”
He laughed and asked: “Do you know how to play?”True thing actually not really, but long time ago somewhere around 1997-2000 he was practicing playing DnB with vinyl. Small introduction of this festival DJ equipment setup and he had enough skills to understanding of what he needed to do.

After that festival in 2019 friends started inviting him to play Techno at local parties organized by them. The most common question was where and when I learned to play?

The answer was simple: “I just stood next to the CDJ’s and started playing.”

In the beginning of 2020 he decided to play officially and more often. He played at festivals “Sintezė”, “Pirate Camp”, “Yaga Gathering”, also at different rave parties and clubs like “Mist”, “Tiltas”, “404”, “Fabrikas”, “Opera Social Club”.

And of course during the quarantine I’m streaming live broadcasts on Facebook.


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