DJ Profile: Kalanarmada (aka Sjoerd Banga)

Embarking on his musical journey after immersing himself in countless parties, DJ Kalanarmada, also known as Sjoerd Banga, discovered a passion for mixing at home. The transition from private experimentation to public performances happened swiftly.

Known for his distinctive style, Kalanarmada’s sets envelop audiences in a world of psychedelic, hypnotic, and darkish vibes. Infused with powerful basslines, his music ensures a captivating dance journey into the realms of psychedelia.

Beyond the turntables, Kalanarmada channels his creativity into the realm of psychedelic decor, consistently producing innovative and captivating concepts. This multi-faceted artist seamlessly blends his love for music with a dedication to creating immersive experiences, making him a dynamic force in the world of electronic music and event aesthetics.



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