Call for Artists!

Written by on November 17, 2023

We are looking for YOU!

Are you a producer sitting on a bunch of killer unreleased tracks? Do you want your music to reach thousands of Psytrance Fans? Or maybe you know someone else who does?

Great news: Psychedelic.FM is now ACCEPTING Demo Tracks from Artists!

In 2024 we will release a series of new albums.

For some of these releases we are looking for unreleased tracks by new and established Artists.

Why release on Psychedelic.FM

  • As a contributing artist you get your own artist page at Psychedelic.FM
  • Your music will reach thousands of Psytrance fans through our social networks (online and offline)
  • The album will be featured on both and in the Psychedelic.FM-app
  • The album will be promoted and broadcasted on Psychedelic.FM


1.  Submission Preparation

Preparing your demo for submission is an essential first step. Before you send your demo, ensure your music is sounding the best it possibly can. Make sure your tracks are finished, mixed down and either mastered or ready for mastering. Send your best work!

How do you know if your tracks are ready for release? The short answer is: ask for feedback! Seek feedback from people whose opinion you value such as another psytrance producer with experience. Moreover, be cautious about asking close friends and relatives. They may not provide hard criticism because of their close connection to you.

Furthermore, ensure you’re exporting your tracks in the correct format and tagging them properly. We prefer a private Soundcloud link to the demo, (with downloads enabled) over uploading your tracks.

When you do chose to upload a demo, make sure the tracks meet the requirements! We prefer MP3 files over other formats because of their smaller file size. Give your tracks clear file names and ID3 tags.

For example, Artist Name, Track Title, and contact information such as an Email address.

2. The Requirements

A demo should meet the following requirements;

The track:

  • is Psychedelic, i.e. is had to fall in the category Psychedelic Trance.
  • is produced by you and 100% original (DO NOT send demos with copyrighted material, unless it’s cleared for use. We will reject tracks that could land us in legal trouble. We are looking for  original work and do not want to have to worry about any copyright issues).
  • matches the requested genre: Open
  • matches the requested BPM: Open
  • has clear file name and ID3 tags.
  • is no remix and/or mashup.


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