Triptolemus is a Psytrance DJ from the Netherlands.

From an early age he got interested in electronic music and synthesizer music specifically. This resulted in him as a little kid playing tracks by Vangelis, Jan Hammer and Jean Michelle Jare.

While being a teenager in the 90s, genres as ‘House’, ‘Drum’n’Bass’, ‘Acid’ and ‘Gabber’ dominated the Dutch party scene.

Around ’98/’99 he by accident ended up at a squad party in a building called the ‘Elf’ in Amsterdam, where he heard Psytrance for the first time.

Not familiar with the genre and the scene it took him a few years before he rediscovered Psytrance at a ‘Full Moon’-party at the beach in Den Haag. This party has been one of the things which inspired him to start organizing his own Psytrance parties in and around Delft under the name ‘Live and Let Psy’.

It was on his own parties and those of friends where he started DJ-ing.

One thing led to another and after a few years of being active in the Psytrance scene the idea for Psychedelic.FM (a 24/7 online Psytrance Radio Station) came into existence.

Although having an eclectic taste, he favors the ‘darker’ uptempo styles by labels such as Parvati Records, Pralayah Records, Forestdelic Records and alike while he is DJ-ing.

Providing us with melodic edgy sets ranging around 148bmp – 152bpm, which are always just that bit deeper, darker and more raw, is what he likes best.

Be sure to catch the vibes he spreads dance floor by dance floor!



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