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Written by on March 27, 2020

Hi there,
very nice you accidentally stumbled upon our new site. We’d like to welcome you to the latest version of Psychedelic.FM.

We were forced to create a whole new version of our website, since the server where the website was hosted completely crashed on us, with no possibility to recover the old website. With the backup settings for our server set wrongly, we also didn’t have any backups to rebuild it.

Fortunately this gave us the opportunity to rethink the whole concept for our Radio-station while rebuilding the radio-stations website.

For the concept we found inspiration in discussing the idea with likeminded people we met during our travels and by pitching the idea to old-, and new friends.

Two of those new likeminded people we met last year are Donatas (aka Aries) and Oskar (aka xTal). They were hosting the PsyTales Radio Show, until the web station on which their show was being aired, out of the blue stopped broadcasting.

Long story short, Januari 10th 2020, PsyTales Radio Show hosted their first Episode broadcasted on Psychedelic.FM with Guest DJ: “D-ther” and have their weekly show every Friday at 20h00 (CET) since.

Another big thing that happened is that since the beginning of this year we are the official Psytrance Radio-stream for, so our first focus lays on adding extra streams for each Psytrance Genre and filling up as much airtime as possible with new shows.

We are still updating the site, for example: the program isn’t in-sync with what is being aired yet, but feel free to roam around and listen to some music. Before you leave you can follow us here on Facebook and here in Instagram.

If you have any feedback, feel free to let us know.

– The Team

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