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Coming Wednesday DJ TrippyGhost will play a perfect set for your psychedelic afterparty; a fine balanced mix of Psyprog & Psytech form artists as Grouch, Mr Bill, Evil Oil Man, Brojanowski and many more. Filipe Gonçalves, a.k.a. Dj TrippyGhost, was born in Lisbon, Portugal and currently resides in The Netherlands. He already started growing an [read more]

Exciting news for all the Psytrance lovers! Don’t miss out the amazing set by a great DJ and good friend of the station: DJ Norion. The set was recorded at Symbiosis 2019 and is coming to you this Wednesday on Psychedelic.FM! 🚀 Norion is a seasoned veteran in the Goa scene, with years of experience [read more]

The Psychedelic Web is continuously being spun. As of today all episodes of your favorite Psychedelic Shows aired on Psychedelic.FM are now available for iPhone and Mac users on Apple Podcasts. Subscribe to our Channel for updates of all shows: Or subscribe to one of your favorite shows:

We are very happy to announce a new collaboration between Psychedelic.FM and the amazing DJ ‘Lydia Nexus’. Every other week ‘Lydia’ will treat us with a fresh Psychedelic DJ Set in her new show ‘NightInGalaxy‘ on Psychedelic.FM.  Lydia is a DJane from Germany. She took up DJing while she was living in Utrecht in 2018 [read more]

As mentioned in our previous post, early 2020 we started collaborating with the guys from the PsyTales Radio Show. It was backstage during Ajja‘s set at Time Traveller by Psychedelic Rave a mutual friend (DJ Darzid) introduced to one of the shows hosts Donatas, aka (DJ Aries). Donatas told us the station, which up until [read more]


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