PsyTales Rerun

A Rerun of Sets broadcasted in the Past

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Monday 06:00 19:59

Past Broadcasts

DJ-sets broadcasted during the previous PsyTales Radio shows will be played.

PsyTales Radio Show is a show hosted by Donatas (aka Aries) and Oskar (aka xTal) where they invite guest DJs from all over the world.

You can listen to them every Friday at 20h00 on Psychedelic.FM

Here you'll find a playlist of broadcasted shows from the past:

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PsyTales Rerun crew

ARIES (born in Lithuania) started his musical journey in 2016. After 9 years visiting Psychedelic Music Parties and Festivals, his visit to Ozora and the amazing experiences he had there, pushed him to an old dream of his.

xTal aka Oskar Jordans is a dj/producer born and raised on Baltic shores. His sets are filled with groovy and atmospheric psychedelic sounds, based on the setting, crowd and the line-up, they can be ranging from groovy dark progressive/Zenonesque to Forest/Darkspy. His mixes will surely take you to another dimension.

Triptolemus  loves playing melodic and edgy sets. Always just that bit deeper and a bit more raw. Favorite Styles: Dark Prog/Zenonesque and Twilight/Dark Forest/


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