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Hipnotic Tribe Records focusses on the most obscure, melodic and fast sounds of psychedelic music, being the Hi-Tech, DarkPsy, and DarkForest/PsyForest subgenres.

Hipnotic Tribe Records started in 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal. Created with the main purpose to spread music and collaborate to keep envolving and growing the scene.

Since then, the label has had numerous successful releases, and the participation of known artists around the world, such as Rawar, Kindzadza, Kaikkialla, Mentalecho

Inner Coma, Tzolkin Project, Alien Chaos, Astrologic, Gotalien, Popek, Gambit, Cryptical Concept, Auros Tauros, Khaos Sektor, Vox Fabri, Mekanical Mind, K-Freq, Nyotech, Spirit Galactic, Babalos, Holographix, Pyrokine, and many others.

In 2020, the label’s studios moved to the Netherlands.

Currently the label has a young and very talented roster, supported by experienced DJs, producers, audio & mastering engineers, designers and booking managers, working together for the growth of our community.

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