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xTal aka Oskar Jordans is a dj/producer born and raised on Baltic shores. He started his musical journey at his early teens when he picked up playing bass and shortly after he started experimenting with electronic music in FL Studio and Ableton.

It was 2013 when he went to his first Psytrance festival and ever since he is in love with Psychedelic sound.

Now xTal is based in the Netherlands where he is actively supporting underground scene by playing DJ sets, promoting and helping to organise events. As a part of the Psychedelic.FM-crew he is hosting a weekly radio show called PsyTales, which already had many well-known international DJs and Live Acts before being hosten on Psychedelic.FM.

So far he participated in different events across the Netherlands, such as Quantum Tribe in Nijmegen, Beatz Around a Bush and Schroefdraad Festival in Uden, Psytrance events in Magistraat in Den Haag, PIP and Platform Rotterdam and different free parties across south and north of Holland.
Besides that, he played at different events and festivals in the Baltics, such as Shayana, Dauga spirit, Saulart, Damaksnis festival (Latvia) and Perestroika festival in Lithuania.

His sets are filled with groovy and atmospheric psychedelic sounds, based on the setting, crowd and the line-up, they can be ranging from groovy dark progressive/Zenonesque to forest/Darkspy. His mixes will surely take you to another dimension.


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