Thomas Datsiadis is ThD, a Greek DJ settled in The Netherlands. A heavy metal and punk affectionate in the old days, all that has changed after he first heard Psytrance. He fell in love with this style and 4 years ago stated performing his own DJ sets.

Vostok1 is the co-founder of the 'Sandbox Music Room' in St. Petersburg.

HyperLook is one of the more experienced members of the Team. Started spinning in ......... Resident DJ since 2019

Psy Belle has been a fan and team member since day one. Moderating our social channels, promoting Psytrance and always building our network.

xTal aka Oskar Jordans is a dj/producer born and raised on Baltic shores. His sets are filled with groovy and atmospheric psychedelic sounds, based on the setting, crowd and the line-up, they can be ranging from groovy dark progressive/Zenonesque to Forest/Darkspy. His mixes will surely take you to another dimension.

He only has one goal during his sets: SHARE POSITIVE ENERGY, with enough VARIATION, somewhere between 135 to 148 BPM, depending on time, place and crowd.

Born in Lithuania, Donatas aka ARIES started his musical journey in 2016. After 9 years visiting Psychedelic Music Parties and Festivals. His visit to Ozora and the amazing experiences he had there, pushed him to old dream of his. Energetic Full On/Night Full On and Progressive Psy are his favourite styles. Aries chooses his tracks […]

Kalanarmada is a project by Sjoerd Banga. He mostly plays psychedelic hypnotic darkish set's with powerful baselines that will let you dance in psychedelia

Misterius has played a lot of parties and gained experience and reputation with his music over the years. He has met a lot of people on his way and his network has grown. Music is the most important thing in his life “that will never change” !

Triptolemus  loves playing melodic and edgy sets. Always just that bit deeper and a bit more raw. Favorite Styles: Dark Prog/Zenonesque and Twilight/Dark Forest/

Spinning the decks since 2007 when Shivanki started on the 'amazing' Pioneer CDJ-100s and a crappy Numark mixer! She plays between 145 to max 160 BPM, mostly stuff with darker edge and a goa touch to it.


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