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Hi, I am Lydia Nexus, currently based in Germany close to the border to the Netherlands. I started DJing in 2018 and was first interested in Deep, Tech and Progressive House. I also started performing on Chillout stages and for Ecstatic Dance where I enjoyed taking my audience on a journey.

SPISER started DJ’ing by coincidence. First time he played a set was in 2018 at small “Summer opening festival”. The festival was full of Techno DJ’s and no one was preparing to play Psytrance, so he asked friend “Can I play PSY?” He laughed and asked: “Do you know how to play?”True thing actually not […]

Doki Doc is a DJ & Producer from France. As a resident DJ at Nataraja Records he will host the weekly show Nataraja Freakencies at Psychedelic.FM.

xTal aka Oskar Jordans is a dj/producer born and raised on Baltic shores. His sets are filled with groovy and atmospheric psychedelic sounds, based on the setting, crowd and the line-up, they can be ranging from groovy dark progressive/Zenonesque to Forest/Darkspy. His mixes will surely take you to another dimension.

Darzid only has one goal: SHARING POSITIVE ENERGY, with enough VARIATION, somewhere between 135 to 148 BPM, depending on time, place and crowd.

ARIES (born in Lithuania) started his musical journey in 2016. After 9 years visiting Psychedelic Music Parties and Festivals, his visit to Ozora and the amazing experiences he had there, pushed him to an old dream of his.


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