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Available at Beatport The ripple effect of any GMS album is long-lasting, but in the case of this one, we might just hear the echo ongoing in the furthest reaches of space. The new remix album features a truly diverse selection from the psychedelic trance universe – Alpha Portal, X-Dream, Tristan and Vini Vici to […]

Available at Beatport A full moon party….at Disco Valley…..Goa India……1993…. .1000 people dancing in mad delight. Dawn came and then two 17 year old Dutch boys played on two DAT recorders……and blew EVERYONE away…they could mix beats on tape…and they became legends almost overnight………These boys were Riktam and Bansi….and for the next two decades they […]

Archaic new album “Mountain Powers” is the extract of many years of sonic exploration and research. The basic inspiration of this album comes from mythologies, ancient cults and folk stories around the world and the result of Archaic’s work is a pure psychedelic experience, painted with the colors of ethnic-shamanism. Mountain Powers presents 9 tracks […]

Sangoma is back from their summer break, and is happy to present a compilation selected by Sequoya titled ‘Kybalion’. “It’s getting pretty foresty on this ride”. Yan has gathered some sound alchemists around him to present this mystic aural journey inspired by the kybalion book from the early 1900, containing some so called hermetic principles, […]

Parabola Music returns with a fresh new two track single from Sychovibes called Desire & Addiction. This project is focused on a style of stomping tribal full-on, morning psychedelic trance, filled with beautifully powerful uplifting vibes and crafted to work any dance floor into a sweaty shamanic frenzy. 01 – Sychovibes – Desire 02 […]

Goa Records presents Sixsense latest pure bliss creation celebrating the evolution of his sound in the form of this pristine new album titled “The Miracle Of Life”. Joining in we welcome Koati, Alternate Side & welcome back Alter3d Perception. Sixsense is one of the leading underground Psy – Trance music producers from Israel specializing in […]

Dicktrevor & GMS_Music have been having so much fun writing in the studio together, that they have decided to create a collaboration project named Dickster & GMS! Blood Lines EP – The first fruits of their frivolous labour! DARK PASSENGER A Slice Of Life Trophy Drops Beatport > Download