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Merkaba Music and Zenon records present Merkaba – Tribal Technology Pt.1 – Ancients Calling. In a joint release with his own Merkaba Music imprint, this is the first in a two part series featuring the deepest of tribal-organic-progressive productions that makes Merkaba one of the most in demand artists in the global scene today. 1. […]

Archaic project was born around in 2004 and the name was inspired from books like “The Archaic Revival” written by Terrence McKenna and Mircea Eliiade’s all time classic “Shamanism and the Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy”… His music in those year was a bit different, but the concept, the ideas and the spirit was the same […]

European Summer Festival season 2018 is almost over and to keep you going warm and dancing we invite you here to follow the WOLFPACK ! New Track from Vertical out now on Parvati Records as Digital Gift / Free Download: