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Archaic’s Medicine Bag

Written by on October 4, 2018

Archaic project was born around in 2004 and the name was inspired from books like “The Archaic Revival” written by Terrence McKenna and Mircea Eliiade’s all time classic “Shamanism and the Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy”…

His music in those year was a bit different, but the concept, the ideas and the spirit was the same as today.

So he decided to go back in time to find the title of this Digital Gift EP and he came up with “Archaic’s medicine bag” which was the title of a mini album that he produced in CD format and he was selling from hand to hand and from friend to friend!

Back to today! In the “Medicine bag” you will find 2 tracks, one Archaic and one Avaris.

The Archaic “Ringing Cedars” track is inspired from the beautiful Siberian Cedar Trees and the Myths around them!
The Avaris “Shamanic Overtones” is a low tempo atmospheric psychedelic ambient chill but with intense rhythmical parts in a very organic environment.

The music here doesn’t requires or demands perfectionism and does not follow some specific styles. The expression is raw and uncensored.

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